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eFORGE was developed by Charles Breeze while on secondment at the European Bioinformatics Institute as part of the EpiTrain Initial Training Network.
The system is inspired by the FORGE tool developed by Ian Dunham.
The web interface was developed by Javier Herrero from the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre team.
The example data set corresponds to a filtered set of monocyte tDMPs from Jaffe AE and Irizarry RA, Genome Biol 2014, 15:R31.

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eForge is currently running on a virtual machine provided by UCL Computer Sciences department and maintained by the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre.


Email Charles Breeze: c.breeze(at)ucl.ac.uk and Stephan Beck: s.beck(at)ucl.ac.uk.


Breeze CE, Paul DS, Butcher LM, Herrero J, Birney E, Dunham I, Beck S. eFORGE: A tool for identifying tissue-specific signal in epigenomic data. Manuscript in preparation.